Welcome to the IT Project Management Hub

What should you expect from ITPMHub?

I will be discussing tips and best practices that can be applied to most if not all IT project implementations. Occasionally, I will discuss their applications to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing Projects because those are my focus areas.

I am most excited about the great deal of learning that will be happening in this space, amongst myself and my readers.  

What should you expect on this blog?

Amongst a host of others, you should be expecting:

  • Tools, Tips, Best practices, Artifacts, Templates for Managing Effectively any IT Project
  • Real-World Applications of the Above
  • Career Development Guides
  • Application of IT Project Management Methods to AI, ML and Cloud Computing Projects (because those are my focus areas)
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Demos
  • And many more

Please visit the Getting Started Guide for a very important article on Getting Started as an IT Project Manager

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