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Work-Life Balance: Killing 3 Birds With 1 Stone

Like many people I know, at the beginning of 2020 I made a list of my new year’s resolution, 3 of which were:

  1. Keep moving: I have never really been a fitness enthusiast, so I decided this year I needed to pay more attention to my health. I knew it would be easier to follow through if I set an achievable goal, so I opted for taking a walk daily (an average of 10000 steps daily) as opposed to taking a run, which I considered more demanding on the body.
  2. Keep in touch with family and friends: Studies have shown that having supportive relationships helps to increase our mental well-being. I wanted to tap into this support as well as be a source to my friends and family. My relationships with people take priority in my life. 
  3. Read more: Reading expands the mind and promotes creative thinking. For some reason, I had stopped reading. I had read more books in one year as a teenager than in the past decade.

Maximizing my time: This year, I started taking walks daily in the evening after work for 2+ hours averaging 10,000 to 15,000 steps every day.

During these walks, I make calls to my friends and family for about an hour and spend the remaining time either listening to music or listening to an audiobook. I am that girl across the road in a phone conversation with her mum or sister laughing hysterically at a joke they just made :). I love it!!!

Occasionally, I have gotten content ideas for my blog during my walks, and I recorded them on the spot on my phone voice recorder.

I have read over 25 audiobooks this year; I am the fittest I have been in a long time and I am more connected than ever before to the gift of family and friends. Talk about killing three birds with one stone!!!

What are the ‘birds’ in your life, you can ‘kill’ with one ‘stone’?

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